Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is the time commitment required to help someone?

Simple answer for most insurance based planning is one to two meetings. A typical meeting with our clients is usually 30 minutes to an hour at the most. Why spend hours when we can be direct and transparent right up front. If it is a good fit we will all know fairly quickly. For more advanced financial strategies an extra meeting or two may be needed as it typically makes sense to have joint meetings with other trusted advisors, most often your CPA.

Do you charge for your time or services?

We invest in relationships and do not charge for our time.

How do you get paid?

We love this question! Most people in the financial industry run from it but hopefully you've learned by now we are different. We get compensated directly from the companies we work with ONLY when we provide a suitable solution that fits your needs and budget and you feel comfortable with moving forward. In other words we work to EARN your business. Trust is EARNED!

Where is your office?

Check our contact page. Our main office is: 87 E Center Street, Spanish Fork, UT 84660.

We are excited to meet you at your home or business for convenience. We are based in Utah and cover the entire Mountain region, UT, CO, ID and beyond.

We have clients all over the country and take frequent trips to the East Coast. With many of our clients we leverage technology and set up online meetings as well.

as well.

Do you have a minimum or requirement to bring someone on as a client?

Short answer, NO. Longer answer, because we want to be a resource for good in helping people work towards their financial goals, we have eliminated all requirements to work with us. We look forward to helping you where you are now, maybe working to pay off debt or not knowing which direction makes the most sense for a positive cash flow? We look forward to guiding discussions with you at all levels.

Are you accepting new clients?

We are! In our first meeting we like to review how we can potentially work together and what your goals are. Just as you choose us, we also choose the clients we partner with. This is important to us as we focus on long-term relationships, with much of the financial industry over 50 and 60 years old, our clients love that we are younger and innovative and will be with them up to and through retirement!