Essential Success

Hand is turning a dice and changes the word "Health" to "Wealth"

Welcome doTERRA Wellness Advocates!

essential success

This ESSENTIAL training was created with the intention of helping you reach financial SUCCESS 

in your dōTERRA journey quicker and more efficiently!

Is Your Business Running You?

We run our doTERRA businesses and re-invest so much time, energy and resources into our people! We spend so much time focused on others, it can be easy to let the details of actually RUNNING the business overwhelm or get the best of us. Have you ever felt this way?

Are You Leveraging Technology?

Ever wonder how some people seem to get more done in the same time? Are they naturally more efficient, maybe a little but most of the time they have learned to leverage technology. Want to learn some simple tools to help you stay on top of your business, income,  miles and more?

Do You Have A Financial Team?

If you already have a financial team, awesome, we hope you love the free resources here! If NOT, let's chat! For as hard as you work you deserve someone to be on your side helping you along the way, especially as the income grows with this amazing opportunity in dōTERRA!


 As a DIAMOND LEADER IN dōTERRA I understand our business. Learn more about who I am? What qualifies me to speak to you on these topics?  What are some things you can expect to learn? How will this apply and help you on your journey? Learn this and more, in my intro video about an experience that changed my life forever and how I got into the business of helping people win financially.


PART I: Running a dōTERRA Business

 Winning financially is a combination of the right mindset and a great strategy. In this video we work toward helping you get started or just re-aligned to help propel you forward. Learn some essential tips now that you are a small business owner!

  1. How do I manage my time effectively?
  2. Who is your boss when you are self employed?
  3. What is my time worth and how do you calculate it?

Some of our favorite books to support your financial journey! Click the images for the audible links.


PART II: Climbing The Ranks

 Secure your success as income becomes more consistent. Specific tools, tips and training to guide you to the rank of Gold and beyond!

  1. What is the best first tip to give new builders?
  2. What are the best ways to efficiently organize expenses?
  3. What if my debt is hindering my financial progress?
  4. How do I get benefits now that I am self employed?


Ready To Get Started or Have A Specific Question?

Book at time to chat that works for you!


Personalized Financial Guidance

Through a holistic approach and personalized financial strategies, we work to bring your dreams to reality and save you money on taxes. Most of our clients enjoy a six figure income and have established families however we love helping those just getting started as well to save more and strategies to get out of debt.

Tax-Free Savings Plans

Want a plan that can earn double digit returns without the risk of ever going below zero%? A plan you could save after-tax like a Roth IRA without the funding limits? And that can grow tax-deferred and provide tax-free income later in life? This vehicle can do all this and is self-completing, meaning if you died before you finished funding your plan, the bucket fills up and passes to your loved ones.

Essential Success

Want your team to learn this information live or on a zoom call? Connect with John to discuss his availability to speak at your next event, training or team call. Many of my Diamond and above clients wish they learned the information I put into this training prior to the trial and error on their journey. Let's increase your teams chances for long-term SUCCESS!



Leverage The Best Technology for Managing Everything for Your Financial Life

To win financially there has to be accountability! With technology it does not have to be time consuming, let us help you leverage the latest technology that exists to support your financial journey no matter where you are now!



Worksheets and Guides To Support Your Financial Success

Access the files here to help guide better financial decisions with the "Needs, Wants and Wishes" Worksheet. Also review and personalize your color calendar with this free guide, what to do for health insurance and more.


Thank you to our partners at Western States Insurance for creating this simple process to secure Event Insurance coverage for all 50 states in the USA.

What the Health?

Of course we are pumped for PRIME MERIDIAN!!! In the meantime, I  get this question often about health protection for clients and families being self employed? After doing extensive research for my own family, my wife and our 8 children and reviewing all the options out there, I found Liberty Health sharing program to be an incredible resource for our family and it has helped many Wellness Advocates fir their needs too.

UPDATE: They did have a recent small price increase that is not reflected in the guide. I do not sell this program just happy to endorse it for how affordable it is and the great benefits it has. The decision guide in the doTERRA resources folder will give you a great overview of the plan. They do pay for referrals, so if you know a friend or fellow wellness advocate benefiting from it, ask them about it and please use their name, they will be glad to receive the $100 gift card they send out for referrals. If you learned about it here feel free to use my name as well.