A Little About Us...

Knowing there are better ways to help people in an overly complex financial industry, we provide no cost access to personalized financial guidance. Ensuring Futures was created to solve this huge need for access to advanced solutions for Small Business Owners, Self Employed clients and amazing Families. Our diverse backgrounds have laid a foundation to long-term partnerships to help people protect what's important, save money on taxes and secure your legacy.

Our Focus

As an Independent financial and insurance advisor, my job first and foremost is to Educate people on the best ways to get what they want out of life.

Our Passion

By helping to Empower you, regardless of what life stage you’re in, we'll work to create the best future possible for yourself, your family, and your business.

Our Mission

It is our personal mission, to help you Embrace timeless financial principles and solutions that are tailored perfectly to fit your financial story.

A Proven Process

The process is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4. From our first meeting together to enjoying client appreciation events, the lines of communication will remain open each step of your journey; so you always know where you are & our path forward.

1. Identify

To get to where you want to go, we need to identify where you are now. Based on your needs, wants, and wishes we will work to prioritize and plan for those future goals. Your review will provide a financial snapshot and insurance analysis based on your input and goals.

2. Plan

We will discuss and plan, based on your goals and needs, using the best vehicles to guide your path to where you want to be while protecting you along the way. Companies will be selected to provide the proper balance between accumulation and protections.

3. Implement

As we move toward implementation of your solutions, we work to keep you informed of the timeline of events and any critical elements along the way. Our team of customer service experts are working diligently behind the scenes to be sure everything flows seamlessly.

4. Review

We'll discuss a clear path forward and set expectations for your review meetings. Now that you have joined our family of incredible clients, you will continue to benefit from an independent and objective financial team working on your behalf for many years to come.

Time Commitment:

The overall process is typically completed in two to three meetings. Altogether, this small investment of your time in the span of your entire financial future is a relatively minor commitment, although one that could make all the difference. I look forward to helping you whether you are just Starting Out, enjoying Family LifePreparing for Retirement or Enjoying Retirement.

Your Financial Team

Our strategic partnerships have been carefully selected to bring about the most value to each client we serve, we didn't want to just help people, we want to enhance their lives!

We are happy to collaborate with current professionals and advisors but if don't have your own financial team working for you, we hope you enjoy getting to know ours. We live our lives with color and are excited to share with you some of the amazing people we have carefully partnered with to help you on this journey. Rest assured you are doing business with a unique, professional group of amazing people whose main focus is to better the lives of those they interact with.

It has been a pleasure to join together to better serve clients locally, all across this great United States and even internationally.

John Busch

John Busch IV - Founder

801.443.7763 • john@ensuringfutures.com

John is the visionary behind Ensuring Futures, with a dream to create an industry changing experience for clients and professionals to enjoy and share financial advice people deserve. He enjoys family, serving others, sports and fitness.

"As a proud father of 8 wonderful children, my wife and I have survived our share of financial challenges as well as successes. I have been working since 13 years old so hard-work comes second nature, although I have been laid-off, unemployed and fought hard to be where I am blessed to be now. It is a pleasure to be focused on making a positive difference in people’s financial lives each day and I know my diverse background gives me a great advantage to relate with and help so many different kinds of people. The financial world can be complex, I love helping to simplify it. ” – J.B. IV

Michael Blahusch

Michael Blahusch, CFP®, MBA

215.399. 9307 • michael.blahusch@mcadamfa.com

Michael is a key player on this team. He and John have known each other since grade school and both embarked on financial careers the same year in 2010, which was shortly after one of the worst recessions the country experienced in years. It seemed like it was meant to be as they began to sync their individual businesses to leverage each others strengths and collectively better serve their clients.

With a Master's degree in Finance and the highest mark in the financial industry of a CFP® not only is Michael held to the highest fiduciary standard but he is a person of true integrity, always putting the clients needs and goals at the forefront of all he does.

chantal 2

Loan Consultant

Chantal Tom

NMLS # 309742

801.362.0400 • chantal.tom@caliberhomeloans.com

Chantal is the trusted resource and partner our team needed in the mortgage and lending area. Get to know her and you will quickly learn how putting her clients interests first, combined with her extensive knowledge and experience in the mortgage industry makes her a great asset for our clients needs. She enjoys quickly letting clients know how she can best serve them and what to expect in the process.


Bookkeeping & Payroll

Andree Zaelit


As a skilled bookkeeper and payroll professional, Andree is a critical part in helping our clients run successful businesses. Having the intellect to handle the details for them as a Quickbooks Pro advisor, so clients can stay focused on their business and what they do best has been a great benefit. Having helped a wide variety of businesses from construction and health care professionals, in her 17+ year career in this profession, she is also well versed in helping small business owner and self employed clients of network marketing companies.

Behind The Scenes

Our amazing team of Case Design specialists, Customer Service Representatives, Case Managers along with tax and legal experts allow us to serve at the highest level for all of our clients. There are many to mention be we want to simply say we appreciate all of you and thank them for their professional level of service.


Lauren Busch

Holistic Nurse


Lauren is a great asset to our clients, while she does not work directly in the financial business she has helped many people all over the country. If desired, our clients get a FREE wellness consultation, where Lauren reviews medications, current health challenges and goals. She works to offer a holistic health plan to get on track quickly and safely. This also helps to secure better health ratings which our clients enjoy saving money on certain financial and insurance solutions. To learn more about the work she does outside of our company you can visit her website at www.holisticessentials.org

How can we serve you...

Call us today for a free review of what you have currently or to discuss something you have been considering. We look forward to a great partnership.