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Our strategic partnerships have been carefully selected to bring about the most value to each client we serve, we didn't want to just help people, we want to enhance their lives!

We are happy to collaborate with current professionals and advisors but if you don't have your own financial team working for you, we know you will benefit from ours. We live our lives with color and are excited to share with you some of the amazing people we have carefully partnered with to help you on this journey. Rest assured you are doing business with a unique, professional group of amazing people whose main focus is to better the lives of those they interact with.

It has been a pleasure to join together to better serve clients locally, all across this great United States and even internationally.

"Action expresses priorities."
- Mahatma Gandhi

John Busch IV


801.443.7763 • john@ensuringfutures.com

Serving people has become the main focus for everything I do! My focus to help uplift the poor, and protect those vulnerable from human trafficking as Chairman of the Board with The Elevatus Foundation is some of my most rewarding work. It's also a blessing to serve small business owners and families with no fee-personalized financial solutions as a Holistic Financial Advisor and founder of Ensuring Futures, LLC. And working with my wife and our international team of heart-focused individuals, we have been honored to speak and motivate the masses, forge lasting relationships with amazing humanitarian entrepreneurs and help thousands of people find better support for their health challenges and goals through holistic wellness, essential oils and natural health solutions. Check out our natural wellness journey and learn more about our Inspired Family at holisticessentials.org


"As a proud father of 8 wonderful children, my wife and I have survived our share of financial challenges as well as successes. I have been working since 13 years old so hard-work comes second nature, although I have been laid-off, unemployed and fought hard to be where I am blessed to be now. It is a pleasure to be focused on making a positive difference in people’s financial lives each day and I know my diverse background gives me a great advantage to relate with and help so many different kinds of people. The financial world can be complex, I love helping to simplify it. ” – J.B. IV

matt 2

Matthew "Matt" Barber



801.798.7461 • matt@westernstatesinsurance.net

Matt is an incredible resource. Most of our clients at Ensuring Futures are small business owners and entrepreneurs, so having a great insurance rep on your side can make all the difference. The higher level of service he offers and the great family environment he creates, transcends through his loyal client relationships and his many charitable works.

Matt is a pillar of the Spanish Fork community in Utah County and cares deeply about the people there and all over the great state of Utah. From properly protecting your toys (boats, atvs and more) all the way to your home and especially business liabilities, you will enjoy the great service you deserve by letting Matt and his team handle those details to protect what matters most.

Western States Insurance Website

Michael Blahusch

Michael Blahusch, CFP®, MBA


215.399. 9307 • michael@ensuringfutures.com

Michael is a key player on this team. He and John have known each other since grade school and both embarked on financial careers the same year in 2010, which was shortly after one of the worst recessions the country experienced in years. It seemed like it was meant to be as they began to sync their individual businesses to leverage each others strengths and collectively better serve their clients.

With a Master's degree in Finance and the highest mark in the financial industry of a CFP® not only is Michael held to the highest fiduciary standard but he is a person of true integrity, always putting the clients needs and goals at the forefront of all he does.

chantal 2



NMLS # 309742

801.362.0400 • chantal.tom@caliberhomeloans.com

Chantal is the trusted resource and partner our team needed in the mortgage and lending area. Get to know her and you will quickly learn how putting her clients interests first, combined with her extensive knowledge and experience in the mortgage industry makes her a great asset for our clients needs. She enjoys quickly letting clients know how she can best serve them and what to expect in the process.





As a skilled bookkeeper and payroll professional, Andree is a critical part in helping our clients run successful businesses. Having the intellect to handle the details for them as a Quickbooks Pro advisor, so clients can stay focused on their business and what they do best has been a great benefit. Having helped a wide variety of businesses from construction and health care professionals, in her 17+ year career in this profession, she is also well versed in helping small business owner and self employed clients of network marketing companies.

Behind The Scenes

Our amazing team of Case Design specialists, Customer Service Representatives, Case Managers along with tax and legal experts allow us to serve at the highest level for all of our clients. There are many to mention be we want to simply say we appreciate all of you and thank them for their professional level of service.



Holistic Nurse


Lauren is a great asset to our clients, while she does not work directly in the financial business she has helped many people all over the country. If desired, our clients get a FREE wellness consultation, where Lauren reviews medications, current health challenges and goals. She works to offer a holistic health plan to get on track quickly and safely. This also helps to secure better health ratings which our clients enjoy saving money on certain financial and insurance solutions. To learn more about the work she does outside of our company you can visit her website personal story and natural parenting journey at www.8dropsoflove.com or her company website at at www.holisticessentials.org.

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