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John Busch IV

“My story is unique just like you, technically I should not have survived my first few years in this business, I refused to do cold calling, knock on doors, and many other things I was told were necessary to “make it” in this business, I was convinced there had to be a better way. A better way that didn’t compromise my integrity, level of service and quality of my work and that lined up well with how I knew I could best serve and help people, there was … there is! So here I am, still in the business … the business of helping people!” – J.B. IV

"Action expresses priorities."
- Mahatma Gandhi

Fonder and Holistic Financial Advisor

Educational Background
Raised in Claymont, New Castle County, DE, John graduated from The Charter School of Wilmington in 2002 with a Full Scholarship to Williamson Trade School. During high school he enjoyed the challenging education, with a focus on Math and Science, as well as numerous sports including cross country, basketball, track & field, baseball and golf.  Continuing his higher education at the Williamson Trade School he quickly rose to the Dean's list holding a 3.96 GPA. John is also an alumni of the College for Financial Planning. John also graduated Magna Cum Laude at Delaware-Technical College where he finished his first formal degree.

Professional and Family
While working as an Assistant Superintendent at the DuPont Country Club, John married Lauren, his high school sweetheart in July 2004. As a father of 7 children, John has survived his share of financial challenges as well as successes. His focus is simple, to help others apply what is relevant from over a decade of real life experience combined with the knowledge gained from mentors and pioneers in the financial industry, all while leveraging the latest financial technology to help you reach your goals most efficiently.  John and Lauren, and their 7 children now reside in Utah County in the beautiful town of Mapleton, UT at the base of Hobble Creek Canyon. John and Lauren celebrated 13 years of marriage in July 2017.

Civic & Professional Activities
Working to empower people in the local communities  as well as many states in this great country,  John enjoys the daily satisfaction and variety of challenges that come along with each family’s and businesses unique needs, wants, and wishes. Keeping a good pulse on and an active role in the business community helps clients when they have additional needs for professionals with similar integrity. Serving families and business just starting out or those preparing for retirement as well as protecting mutli-milllion dollar companies; John has been blessed to work with and meet many great people across this country.

From helping friends and family with home projects, enjoying fellowship with others at recreational basketball games or golf outings, helping families move or working with the Youth at church; John consistently looks for ways to lighten others burdens. Service is such a strong and great principle and John has a large belief for how important it is to give back, help others, and not focus on ourselves. John is also proud to serve on the Board of the Elevatus Foundation, working to make lasting impacts to some of the poorest areas in the world. Watch the powerful videos below to learn more about what Elevatus does and how you can SPONSOR A FAMILY for as little as $25/month!

Why Elevatus?

Listen to the founder talk more about this. Elevatus' focus is on helping families get all the tools and resources they need to lift themselves out of poverty.

One Woman's Mission to Stop Sex Trafficking

To be part of a higher cause not only brings purpose to our lives but it can offer so much joy for those we can help.

Lanto's Story - Micro Financing

Living with a disability has made life difficult for Lanto. He makes a living as a cobbler, repairing shoes on the streets of the Capital city of Madagascar. The business classes and micro-loan he received from Elevatus have set him on a new path to success.

Elevatus and Healing Hands

doTERRA Wellness Advocate Julie Haslem conducted a matching campaign for the Elevatus Foundation to combat sex trafficking of children in Madagascar. The grant received from the Healing Hands Foundation went to building a school that acts as a safe haven for children most at risk of being trafficked.

Learn How You Can Make a Difference

Sponsoring a family for only $25 per month gives them everything they need to begin to lift themselves out of poverty. Depending on the needs of the individual family you sponsor, you donation includes, a micro-loan for the family, tuition, meals, and transportation for the kids to attend school, seeds for a square foot garden to begin growing their own food, the initial compost to get their garden started and so much more.

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