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Andree Zaelit

As a skilled bookkeeper and payroll professional, Andree is a critical part in helping our clients run successful businesses. Having the intellect to handle the details for them as a Quickbooks Pro advisor, so clients can stay focused on their business and what they do best has been a great benefit.


Small Business Bookkeeping & Payroll Services


As the owner of Copper Valley Bookkeeping, Inc Andree provides full-charge small business bookkeeping services, QuickBooks® consulting and installation, payroll processing, and, free informational workshops to small-business owners.  This range of service offers her clients the best possible solution as a leader in small-business bookkeeping.


Copper Valley Bookkeeping, Inc

  • Provides a quality and cost-effective solution to small businesses for bookkeeping and QuickBooks® services and payroll
  • Is strengthened by experience of 17+ years, Certified Public Bookkeeper (CPB), QuickBooks Pro - Advisor
  • Allows the small-business owner to focus on their product or service, giving them up-to-the-minute quality bookkeeping data and piece of mind
  • Provides free instructional workshops to local small businesses on bookkeeping resources, tips and guidelines


When Andree is not helping her clients with their bookkeeping needs, you can find her spending time with her husband, children, two dogs, cat and identical twin sister.  Andree enjoys gardening, exercise and a great book!


Over the 17 years of working to help companies streamline their accounting and bookkeeping needs she has come to learn that her passion is driven by the people and the processes behind the business.  Andree wants her clients to experience the freedom that healthy financials can provide.

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