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Ensuring Futures was created to support Empowered Entrepreneurs, Amazing Families and Motivated Professionals to reach and exceed their financial objectives.

Simply put we provide the education based financial guidance people deserve. We leverage the latest technology and follow timeless financial principles to help you succeed.

Meeting people where they are; our best clients are at a crossroads in life. Either transitioning to a new job or retirement OR wanting their financial future to be different than their past!

Hand is turning a dice and changes the word "Health" to "Wealth"

Leverage our team so you can focus on what you do well while we help to employ the resources you work hard for to go to work for you.

Through our proprietary "5 Stones To Freedom" we look forward to walking together on your path. FINANCIAL FREEDOM is different for everyone, for some it is paying off a car loan, others it is paying off the mortgage early, and still others a vacation home or starting their own business; whatever it is, knowing it is closer than you think, it is only 5 STONES AWAY! Are you ready to take the FIRST STEP? We believe in you...


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"Action expresses priorities." - Mahatma Gandhi


Financial advice without a fee, the way it should be! We are transparent, full of integrity and  offer the most innovative financial concepts based on timeless financial principles! Our clients love doing what they do well, and love leveraging us to handle the details to reach their financial goals!


Amazing entrepreneurial women, especially those in our dōTERRA family, are our fastest growing client base and we love it! Today's woman is making huge contributions inside and outside the home. We collaborate to help shift from 1st generation wealth creators to establishing legacies for generations to come!

Let's ROCK This!

Learn about our Personalized offering for Wellness Advocates of doTERRA! Tax-FREE Savings Plans, Private Pensions for a Stress Free Retirement, and Our Essential Success training to name a few. As a Diamond it's been amazing to work with many leaders. Let's collaborate to leverage technology and crush your financial goals!


With over 92% of Madagascar living on less than $2 per day, we love being part of THE ELEVATUS FOUNDATION and doing our part to help raise awareness and funds, give back and serve. We are passionate about KIDS who are most affected in this struggling country.

Our Amazing Clients:

We believe an unwavering dedication to go the extra steps to communicate, educate and over-serve our clients is one of the many reasons we will enjoy many great partnerships with our clients. Through a long-term vision and strategic partnerships it is fulfilling to learn how our clients are making huge differences in the world and we are excited to join them.

Many of our clients enjoy the time freedom to pursue higher callings, run successful businesses, engage in humanitarian work and enhance the lives of those around them. We maintain an amazing network of professionals to meet all our clients needs including Tax, Legal, Insurance and Investments. These great relationships allow us to consistently deliver an unbiased and superior offering that is always in our clients best interests.

Let's Get Specific...

Excited to learn how we can help you specifically? Having a Holistic Financial Team at your disposal will help qualify and quantify your goals as we protect your NEEDS, work toward the WANTS and plan for the WISHES.